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  4. Brand new one from myself.

    150 bpm Dubs

    Hope you enjoy!


  5. Thanks a lot for the great ups! :ganja3: :drinks:

  6. Earlier
  7. re up Jess Glynne - Hold My Hand (MJ Cole Dub) pls

  8. Wow, awesome I won the day at least once!  I can die happy now. CLLV

  9. Hi!

    Could you re-up this, thank you?


  10. and that folks is how you blow 100$ on tunes lol fucking dabs!!

  11. cmon chris, almost 4 years and 0 post/likes? :shok:

  12. i jus wanted to say ive been spinning for 17 years and im just now spinning house...youve been instrumental in providing enough content that im defining my taste in the genre.  thanks for all the music 

  13. loving the house posts, curious if you've come across more fire tribal house

  14. Welcome to CllV

    Welcome Congratulation on finding our Community For finding us, we gift you a Free Account! Click here to Create your Free Account
  15. Working diligently on building my reputation, and earn my keep! Please let me know anything I can do, or do better! :x

  16. :) Mind if I upload EVOLVE X R2D2 - ULTRAXION from the Mutants EP? Or will you do it?

    1. K.LINE


      Go for it. If I upload single tracks I do it at the same time as when I post the album.

  17. Welcome back :)

    1. nickkoko


      Thanks man! Good to be back :)

  18. yo dude, thanks for posting my Track lol ;) 

    1. Rick Sanchez

      Rick Sanchez

      Why you collab with Messinian, please tell me it was a label decision haha

    2. BroMyGod


      hes a friend of mine, and i really do enjoy his vocals, heavy metal was based solely  off  of the story of the lyrics. Thats all my concept :D However we released a instrumental for same reason as you are expressing :) 

  19. Dead Links? If you're on mobile or if cloudsany is down for some reason go with the back up link in the spoiler. 

  20. Thank you for using the report function. In future please include a short message concerning the reason for reporting. This helps us deal with reports faster. Thanks again.

  21. Hey bud, we appreciate you using the report function. But please indicate where the song should be moved to, not just that it is the wrong section. Much appreciated!

  22. Change your signature. its NSFW which violates the rules

  23. @BrokenFace yeah either that or Future Beats/Bass albums M4A:
  24. Seven Lions - Where I Won't Be Found

    Thanks for the up man! I'm only two tracks in but I can't say this belongs here? Dubstep section maybe?
  25. MP3 320KBPS http://cloudsany.com/aodizogu9lal
  26. Yoooo G can i get a re up on More Life please

    1. DGT


      @Cowld CHeck Out Rapload.com Brutha.

      SHould Be On There.

  27. Eh bro...good to see ya on here heh heh

  28. Hard House/Scouse/NRG

    I remember mentioning something about it a few years ago and nothing came of it but I'll try again.
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