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  1. Big ups to your comments when you up tracks mate! I really dig reading your thoughts on them! Also, I am very happy to see someone promoting hearing protection this is seriously important if you like listening to music! I will mention though that sub-bass is much less likely to hurt your ears than anything with more going on in the high frequency range. It would be more say a layered midrange bassline or highs in a tune that will damage your ears much much faster than any sub frequencies. In your inner ear is the cochlea and within it the organ of Corti that converts sound waves into neural signals. The hair cells in the organ of Corti are what get damaged and it is in the very center that responds to low frequencies while the first and outer part of the cochlea interprets high frequencies. So you can just think that say a 30 Hz bassline vs say 4 kHz the frequency that those wave cycles hit those hairs are something like 133 more times than the low frequencies (in the given example at least). So what I am trying to say is you can have your head much closer to a bass bin without too much concern but stay away from the tops ....not that I suggest ever putting your head close to a loud speaker just pointing out the difference between frequencies and hearing loss! Anyway much love and thanks for all the awesome comments and uploads!
  2. Thanks for the up but that is jungle dnb not electroswing..
  3. Sick new roller from my homie Nebuphon! Check him out if you don't already know! Nebuphon.com SoundCloud.com/Nebuphon Facebook.com/Nebuphon YouTube.com/Nebuphon Twitter.com/Nebuphon Instagram.com/Nebuphon LinkedIn.com/in/Nebuphon http://mega.nz/#!fc9ViBhS!en84HSr1OrNC1ZICk0fazdNSk7HFHD0kskgsuritC0Q
  4. This all started after installing adobe pepper flash or something
  5. @Jonny_Finn Yeah mate I think he is just trippen and doesn't really know what he is talking about. My guess was that he was saying that due to the small file size but I dunno maybe just crazy or maybe super human ears that can pick out the smallest of variations in bit rate that an analyzer can't do >.< lol
  6. Seems like 320 in the spectrum analyzer and has a large waveform in Serato usually meaning equally high quality. The reason for the small file is that the track is so short... http://imgur.com/EwRhlMH
  7. Awesome!!! Thanks mate! Appreciate it much love!
  8. Bad man tune! Keep your eyes and ears open for this guy!
  9. Hey this is my first post it is the first of my production I am sorry if I post in the wrong place or if something is incorrect I just wanted to post this and have some people give me constructive criticism so that I can improve. If you have any tips or pointers an aspect you don't like or think should be changed please by all means let me know. http://www5.zippyshare.com/v/83418896/file.html
  10. Any chance you could spare the time to hook up the wav version please?
  11. Hey Buddy!

    We should make a music share thing here