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  1. Haven't seen light green on cllv in a long-ass time, congrats man! Which section are you currently leading?

    1. Rick Sanchez

      Rick Sanchez

      Thanks buddy, my guess would be the Dubstep sections :)

  2. I need more girls like you in my life. Thank you <3

    1. Emily


      Thanks a lot :rose:

  3. Absolute fire in the Future Garage section

    thank you so much.

    1. ▼ØI►


      No prob, glad you dig ;) 

  4. Thank you for being part of CllV!


    Donor for You! :ganja3:

    1. Vorq


      Grats on the promo!

    2. ▼ØI►


      Thank you guys, I've always liked orange :D

  5. Long time overdue for that Forum Donor, big ups

    P.S: Waiting for you to set fire once again in the Future Garage section ;)

  6. Vote: YES on this poll for a Hybrid Trap subsection to be added to the main Trap Forum!