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  1. Rob Gasser - Dead End Dancefloor (Original Mix)

    @traktors_TT use the report function when something is in the wrong section. Thankfully this is my thread so I got notified
  2. Point.Blank & Definitive - Let's Get It (Original Mix)

    @Arkaid13 Doesn't make his version a transcode however. Simply the version he has had a slightly lower frequency cutoff when converted from lossless to mp3. Both versions are proper quality, yours is a bit better, but his definitely wouldn't fall under the category of a transcode
  3. Point.Blank & Definitive - Let's Get It (Original Mix)

    @Arkaid13 @keenonDISCO looks okay to me?
  4. Diskirz, Lux & Mits ft. TEN6 - Reanimation (Original Mix) http://mixstep.co/4r8s143xcpou
  5. Virtual Riot - Gangsters (Culprate Remix)

    @SuperX @Robotnik Heres beatport mp3 http://mixstep.co/7yfg7tvt67ay
  6. Jantsen - Kaiju's Theme

    Check out Jantsen - Menace
  7. Tha Trickaz & Creaky Jackals - OG Purp (PhaseOne Remix)

    @apocolyps755 I've seen way worse ratios lol. Also free tracks (ie you didn't pay for it) tend to get the least likes/thanks. People will download here because it's easier than jumping through hoops via the artists download
  8. Tank Parade - Pull Up (Original Mix)

    Tank Parade - Pull Up (Original Mix) http://mixstep.co/57ghsak9h5zm
  9. Tank Parade - Firestarter (Original Mix)

    Tank Parade - Firestarter (Original Mix) http://mixstep.co/1k36gphx8ffj
  10. Tank Parade - Nerds (Original Mix)

    Tank Parade - Nerds (Original Mix) http://mixstep.co/buzgqdne6nsw
  11. Tank Parade - Heata (Original Mix)

    Tank Parade - Heata (Original Mix) http://mixstep.co/vphr3ulcghl6
  12. Oolacile & SampliFire - Alduin (Original Mix) http://mixstep.co/6sf4kkc7znah
  13. Oolacile - Space Suit (Original Mix)

    Oolacile - Space Suit (Original Mix) http://mixstep.co/zhj4s4bajgsh
  14. Woofax - Greazy (Original Mix)

    Woofax - Greazy (Original Mix) http://mixstep.co/xdi4uqsnkhh6
  15. Tha Trickaz ft. Dope D.O.D. - Drop (Far Too Loud Remix) http://mixstep.co/8k1f2akp9oza